Translators’ House Amsterdam

The Translators’ House Amsterdam is part of the Dutch Foundation for Literature. Founded in 1991, it provides accommodation for five translators of Dutch children’s and young adult literature, adult literature, literary non-fiction and poetry. To qualify, translators must be in possession of a translation contract. The minimum stay is for a period of two weeks, the maximum two months. Translators can apply for a grant to help finance their stay and a contribution towards their travel costs.

The Translators’ House is located in the southern district of Amsterdam, a stone’s throw from the Concertgebouw and the three main museums, the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum and the Stedelijk Museum.

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Each of the five studio apartments is equipped with a computer and internet connection, and its own landline telephone. On the ground floor are a large library with both literature and reference works and a garage with five bicycles for use by the translators. On the first floor is a shared kitchen with sun lounge and balcony. As well as accommodating foreign translators, the Translators’ House Amsterdam organizes translation workshops in the Netherlands and abroad and events connected with literary translation, such as the annual ‘Translation Days’.

The Translators’ House Amsterdam is a member of RECIT, the European network of translators’ houses.



Vertalershuis Amsterdam
Van Breestraat 19
1071 ZE Amsterdam
Tel +31 20 470 97 40
Fax +31 20 470 97 41



Het Vertalershuis (foto Gerhard Jaeger)

In het Amsterdamse Vertalershuis kunnen vertalers van Nederlandse literatuur wonen en werken, bij voorkeur voor een periode van één of twee maanden.

The Translators’ House in Amsterdam welcomes translators from Dutch into any language, who want to improve or maintain their language skills and their knowledge of Dutch culture. More information...


Van Breestraat 19
1071 ZE Amsterdam
t. +31 20 470 97 40
f. +31 20 470 97 41


Het Vertalershuis Amsterdam is lid van het RECIT-netwerk van vertalershuizen. Meer informatie vindt u op